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8 Stand-up Comics Vent Out About Cabs & Auto Rickshaws

We all have had that horrible time dealing with drivers of cabs and auto rickshaws. Not only do they make us feel bewildered, but also leave us frustrated, so much that we don’t want to go out anymore. We have seen it all, from patience being tested while waiting for the cab, which in the end got cancelled, to becoming their personal navigators. The situation is such that, the denial of auto-wallahs gives us hope that everything is as it is in the world. The rejections from the cab drivers no more affect the self-esteem. And when it is the rainy season, these auto and cab drivers go into hibernation. Such times, only Ravan’s Pushpak can be of use.

These comics know exactly what you’re going through. Check out!

(Fun Fact: These will really help lighten and brighten your mood after a heated discussion with the cab driver)

  1. Kunal Kamra on how India doesn’t deserve the goodness of Uber and ‘extremely-time-abiding’ Uber Drivers

  1. Karunesh Talwar on how some cabbies are not willing to step out of their comfort zone. Because chuck GPS. We go where our destiny takes us

  1. Ashutosh Gupta explains how Uber has the futuristic cars but they choose to send WagonR. And how it is his ‘majboori‘ to take UberPool

  1. Srijan Kaushik mentions how he gets rejected by Delhi auto-wallahs in attitude

  1. If Uber & Ola send you a WagonR every time you book, Shashwat Maheshwari can understand your pain. And with this, the count of WagonR hating comics goes up to two

  1. Vinay Sharma has his driver-passenger rating game sorted

  1. From driver’s ‘Helllaa’ to their reluctance to come to the location, because GPS is a mere unicorn, Biswa Kalyan Rath has seen it all

  1. Rajat Chauhan shares how his Ola share ka safar turned into suffer

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