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Pratyush Chaubey’s Job Nahi Chhodni Chahiye Thi

This is the annual appraisal time, and many of us get tempted to quit and spread our wings into the world full of opportunities, or so we believe. Pratyush Chaubey’s Job Nahi Chhodni Chahiye Thi talks exactly about those opportunities which made him quit.

Though Pratyush is a Software Engineer from Uttar Pradesh who landed up in the stand-up comedy world with a motive, but after getting brickbats, humiliation and frustration from the well-settled corporate job, he decided to give it back to the society. And here he is!

However, the secret reason of him quitting is his friends who motivated him to follow his passion. He now understands what it feels like to leave your job and follow your passion instead.

He’s been through it all, been there, seen that and is here sharing a hilarious take to it.

If you are thinking of leaving your fancy job…alright, not-so-fancy job, you got to watch this video to know all the pros and cons of quitting job and running after your dreams.

Pratyush Chaubey has the last word!

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