Rajmohan: Comicstaan Tamil: Semma Comedy Pa: Humour Sapiens

Comedian Rajmohan on his experience as a Comicstaan Semma Comedy Pa judge

Since the launch of the Comicstaan Semma Comedy Pa, the show has been in the talks for being the first stand-up comic hunt in the regional comedy space.

This Tamil spinoff of the popular show Comicstaan will mark Amazon Prime Video’s entry into Tamil stand-up comedy. To pique local interest, the show will feature three top Tamil-speaking comedians who will mentor and judge the participants over eight episodes to find the best in the Tamil stand-up scene.

Comic and Youtuber Rajmohan, who is known for actively talking about socially relevant issues, has also featured in various videos of ‘Put Chutney’, Chennai’s most popular online brand. Besides displaying his humour A-game, the actor continues to pack a punch in big budget movies and enjoy an ever-growing fandom on social media.

Rajmohan: Comicstaan Tamil: Semma Comedy Pa: Humour Sapiens

On Comictsaan Semma Comedy Pa

The entire experience of shooting this show was wonderful. I learned a new thing in every single episode and from every person throughout the series.

There are lessons that I learnt from everyone in every single episode. I used to watch them, observe how comedy from paper translates onto stage through them. This kind of a transition is a lesson not only for me but for every comic out there. I am sure this program has the potential to create comedians who will go out and make their mark on the stand-up circuit.

I got to learn something new in each episode and from every person throughout the series

On working alongside two esteemed judges

Everybody thinks differently. For example, Karthik is completely different and someone who really can’t really offend anyone. He is generally a very strict person but his persona changes as soon as he enters the stage. On stage, he is comparatively cooler and more relaxed.

Comicstaan Tamil: Semma Comedy Pa: Humour Sapiens

On talented contestants

Syama spoke on unconventional topics that no one will usually choose. That’s what impressed me the most about her, her uniqueness to try out something new.

Even the way Annamalai thinks, it is completely diverse. I may say Annamalai has a unique way of reaching an audience with a more conventional thought-process. He is a very urban guy, very educated, but at the same time, his approach is very beautifully traditional.


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