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Aadar Malik, TheAadarGuy everyone loves

Aadar Malik, aka TheAadarGuy, is on a roll these days. He has been churning hilarious content and making our lockdown and working from home manageable.

He has been running a series of some really ‘Boring Tutorials’ (Read: Hilarious) on his Instagram channel, and posting some rib-tickling insights as well. Go on, this post has it all! (Psst…you can also check out his stand-up comedy video)

But before that, a fun fact: Aadar Malik is the son of Abu Malik and nephew of Bollywood music composer Anu Malik. Apart from being a comic, Aadar also inherits his family’s music finesse.

We have compiled a list of TheAadarGuy’s best Boring Tutorials. Check out:

1. How to make hotel room your home

Hotel ka temperature control dhong hai!

2. How to make dosa at home

Idli dosa ne breakfast pe kabza kar liya hai!

3. How to make chia pudding at home

Chia ameerzon ka sabja hai!

4. How to make cold coffee at home

I prefer my coffee without benefits!

5. How to make Chai at home

Adrak zamin mein ugta hai!

6. How to make Yoga at home

Behti naak mein kabhi pranayam nahi karna chahiye!

7. How to make bed at home

Dark chaadar pe kabhi daag nahi dikhte!

8. How to make cupboard at home

Band kapad ke raaz kisi ko pata nai chalte!


Wait! There’s more.

Here’s one amusing stand-up comedy by Aadar Malik. It’s called the ‘Weddings in India’ and it’s a befitting description of the 5-day long affair. From waiting for buffet to open, and aunties twerking in a sanskaari manner to photographer’s finding pleasure in clicking click photos when the guests are eating – this video has this and more.

Watch Weddings in India by Aadar Malik

It’s not just the funny videos that he has been delighting us with. Aadar has also been posting some funny insights on Instagram.

Funnier Points to Ponder

Maybe she’s working on a video already.

That sounds like most of us.

This makes so much sense.

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Ok Google, Sonu Sood.

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Bonus: Love in the times of lockdown


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