Ketan Kumar Giri: Humour Sapiens

Ketan Kumar Giri: stand-up comic on a roll

A chemical engineer by qualification, a writer by profession and a stand-up comic by passion, Ketan Kumar Giri has been doing comedy for over 3 years now and his videos announce loudly that he is enjoying every inch of it.

He has recently come up with two new videos, which are quite a joyride!

Indian Food & Talented People

This is Ketan’s first video, and is all about people who are as talented and down to earth as it can get! But he tells us, those are the kind who trigger depression in you. As you while away the time on Instagram waiting for magic to happen, these gifted people are using their gifts to their full potential.

Ketan also talks about the time he decided to visit France…well, the French part of India and tasting French cuisines to his delight. This adventure ended when he figured that the only spices they were aware of were salt and sugar.

He ended the video with a concrete opinion about Raisins–“Raisins shouldn’t be called dry fruits, since they aren’t completely dry”–and the people who eat it.

Ketan also shared a secret in this video about why wine complements French food.

Watch Indian Food & Talented People to know it:

Birbal & Comfort Zone

Ketan’s second, Birbal and Comfort Zone leaves you pondering about a lot of things. One being, those people in our lives who are constantly talking yet not arriving at the crux of it all. He also enlightens us on ‘How did Birbal actually die.’ And no, it is not how you think.

Ketan also talks about the comfort zone and the struggles of life.

Want to know? Watch Birbal & Comfort Zone here:

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