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Revived: School Memories by 4 Stand-up Comics

This is the summer vacation time in schools. Watching kids relish their vacations left us craving for some off days to ourselves in this seething weather. We were flooded with the memories of good old school times, the times when we finished our meal way before lunch hour, when we made plans with our friends about ‘to be or not to be’ in school the next day, when we used to imitate teachers behind their back and pretended to be interested in their life stories just to waste the period time. Fond memories, no? It made us curious about what our comics think of their school times. And here we are with the cool and funny comics who summed up the school memories in a few minutes. Check out, revived: school memories by 4 stand-up comics:

Manik Mahna shares his school time stories of examinations, and the stress students have to go through and his experience of playing hide and seek with his friends. It is too funny and too relatable to miss.

Anirban Dasgupta on the PT sirs from school, his troubles with Hindi being a Bengali, and troublesome subjects. He also talks about the deep relationship that English capital letters and small letters have.

Amit Tandon shares his experience as a father of a school going kid, and the way school curriculum has changed. Making your kid the Earth or a Brinjal is a trigger to multiple personality disorder, he puts rightly!

Siddharth Dudeja, in his calm and subtle style of narration, talks about schooling system, becoming the Captain Planet and his take on education for all.

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