Anshu Mor: Humour Sapiens

Top 3 videos of Anshu Mor

Anshu Mor is the Indian Stand-up Comedian who left his glorious corporate life as XBOX India head, to start an entertainment content company! Within a year of leaving his job, Anshu became widely recognised as one of the fastest growing comedians in India. He has performed at over 100 shows and done two 1-hour solo specials in his first year itself. With his clean, observational comedy and storytelling style, he has built a fan base of both young and old.

Though the seeds of comedy were sown in early 2015 and the decision was made by July 2015, the phrase ‘I Quit’ wasn’t said until January 2016.

He performed his first act on May 27th, 2016 on getting a 10-minute slot in someone else’s show at Canvas Laugh Club. Anshu was an instant hit and received the love and appreciation form audiences.

Here we share Anshu Mor’s finest 3 videos for you to know why he has fans of all ages.

“When you are in doubt, confidence dikhao and kuch bhi story sunao,” he says. This video is all about beer, chopsticks, wine stories.

This one’s on him meeting his hostel friends after decades. He shares jokes about college friends, rushes and married version of Netflix & Chill.

He shares about his experience of taking his dad to a Gurgaon pub for the first time. He is not someone who drinks and doesn’t hold those who do in high regard. Watch to find if he was able to change that impression.

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