Aakash Mehta: Humour Sapiens

Top 5 Aakash Mehta Videos To Watch Online

A Comedian, Musician, Writer, Audio Engineer and Law Graduate, that’s Aakash Mehta for you! He has performed in over 1000 shows, more than 10 videos, quite a few tours. His YouTube videos have received over 14.5 Million views.

Aakash’s delivery style is relaxed and easy delivery, which makes him one of the few Indian comics, who are a gush of freshness to watch. His narrative is more like storytelling backed by jokes and anecdotes.

This audience magnet is also the founder of Lasoon Live, which hosts the Anti-SOCIAL Comedy Jam and does open mics in Cat Café (Versova, Mumbai).

Here are the top 5 videos of Aakash Mehta.

He talks about why Sushma Swaraj should be the prime minister of our country, as she is your troubleshooter whenever you travel abroad.

Aakash on long distance relationships and the atrocities of Indian Broadband.

When he highlighted…We are okay, ‘Samaaj tatti hai.’

He tells us the story of the absurd things his older brother did to him when they were young. Simple stories woven craft-fully left us giggling.

Disrupted by an audience member’s phone call, Mehta smartly deals with it adding drops of laughter. He also tells why doctors should be taken more seriously than stand-up comedians.


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