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Terrific 3 comedy videos from Punit Pania

The brain behind Chalta Hai Comedy, Punit Pania gave up his corporate career for a life as a stand-up comedian. Humour Sapiens shares 3 comedy videos from Punit Pania.

Punit has produced over 200 shows over the past year including various sold out concept shows. He is trying his best to make himself believe that whatever the question maybe, the answer to knocking midlife crisis is comedy. His observational comedy is inspired by suburban philosophy.

Having organized and hosted shows of Chalta Hai Comedy across Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Baroda, and performed in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag and Goa. This gives him considerable experience in entertaining diverse crowds at a variety of venues and in different formats.

Check out comedy videos from Punit Pania

India is a nation of overgrown Mama’s boys, some of who eventually turn wife-beaters. This video, Raja Beta, mentions a stark combination of the privileged child refusing to grow up and mummys not letting him.

From philosophers to scientists to journalists, putting the facts right has been the toughest of the tasks, and one of the most dangerous vocations of history. Punia says, “The truth has always been worshiped but lying will always be more profitable.” This video ‘Fake news, Mob Lynchings aur Vikas’ is for new India.

Indian Jobs and interns is as realistic as it get gets. This video is for India’s youth that is struggling to find jobs, and interns are made to survive on coffee and free WiFi.

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