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The Knotty Commander – Manish Tyagi

52 years old, this knotty commander – Manish Tyagi quit Indian Navy in May 2012 as a Commander after serving for 23 long years and got into Corporate Training. While he was pursuing his dream to train people and share his life experiences, he got to know of an art form – stand-up comedy. It sure took him some time to figure out where to perform, but luckily for us, he got on stage for the very first time in August 2014. Soon enough, corporate training took a backseat for him and stand-up comedy took precedence. His content is inspired from his life experiences, at home, from his stint at the Indian Navy or as a trainer. So, the knotty commander – Manish Tyagi is in now a serious business of making people laugh.

Here we share some of his bestest best:

Train Mugga Chain

He starts off by taking a dig at that Gurgaon aunty who moral polices women about how to get dressed. Manish further shares his experience of watching an early morning movie and the eavesdropping he does on couples. He also talks about the experience of travelling in train, focused on the train toilets.

Punjabi Aunty Aur Indigo

This video is all about flight scenes, and how Bongs react to 25 degrees in Delhi and how Punjabi reacts to the same temperature. Manish also shares, what happened when the airlines stopped giving the baggage tags, and how moms are obsessed with lauki ki sabzi at homes.

Taimur, Tinder aur Tauji

Manish in this one takes a potshot at everyone who wants to get viral these days. From his Fufaji to Taimur to Anushka. He also shares his experiences on tinder matches, touching upon his Tauji’s toilet tales.

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