Pratush Chaubey: Humour Sapiens

Pratyush Chaubey’s new video Inferiority Complex

Hailing from a small town of Varanasi, Pratyush Chaubey, fondly known as Chaubey ji, is a Software Engineer from Uttar Pradesh who took the path to stand-up comedy with a motive, to give back his frustration to the society in a rather funnier manner. He has been a regular in the comedy scene for over 3 years now and has performed at Canvas Laugh Club, done over 100 shows including Corporate, College, Public and Clubs. Chaubey Ji has been featured on the NDTV Show “The rising Star of Comedy” three times. Pratyush Chaubey’s latest video is all about inferiority complex and how lack of confidence can make you take thwaps with a smile.

Here are the highlights of Pratyush Chaubey’s Inferiority Complex:

When you don’t have stage fright, but lack of confidence.

Pratush Chaubey: Humour Sapiens

When even talking to a waiter gives you jitters.
Pratush Chaubey: Humour Sapiens

First flight experience be like.
Pratush Chaubey: Humour Sapiens

Problems people face after buying an iPhone for the sake of showing off.Pratush Chaubey: Humour Sapiens

There’s more to it, check out the complete video here:


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