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Tête-à-Tête with Pratik Jain

Pratik Jain, an accidental stand-up comic from Delhi, or so he likes to call himself, started doing comedy almost a year ago. Chartered Accountant by profession and a comic by passion, Pratik loves being on the stage and has presented at several occasions and on television channels as a GST expert. He has a hilariously fresh take to slice of life comedy can turn mundane corporate gatherings into laugh riots. Pratik’s confessional and brutally honest storytelling style with a tinge of funny is sure to leave you rolling with laughter.

He has performed at Canvas Laugh Club and Comics yeh bindaas hai, and can be often seen in open mics and corporate events. He also loves to pen down his thoughts in his blog: www.mytwonhalfcents.com. Humour Sapiens got into a tête-à-tête with Pratik Jain. Know more about this Delhi comic here.

1. How did you develop interest in stand-up comedy?

Few years ago, I started writing my blog (www.mytwonhalfcents.com). It is largely my (humorous) take on life, which received a good response. Also, I used to be master of ceremony (MC) in my official events and few people used to laugh at my jokes (now at times I think they did it on purpose to create a delusion). Then someone suggested that I should try auditioning at Canvas Laugh Club for Open Mics and gradually my interest developed further.

2. What was your first stage experience like?

I was quite nervous on my first open mic, though I had been on stage earlier (in official gatherings). There were a couple of my office colleagues in the audience and I couldn’t complete my set in allotted 4 minutes and the buzzer went off! I was hugely embarrassed and avoided eye contact with my colleagues for next few days. 🙂

3. How has the journey been so far? Were there any challenges that you had to face? And key achievements?

Well, it’s been almost a year now and the journey has seen its own highs and lows. Initially open mics were tough. Sometimes I would need to stop for using a cuss word on a ‘clean comedy’ event and sometimes I would forget the punches. Gradually, things started improving though and I started preparing more. Other challenge was that my genre of comedy is more observational and corporate style, whereas many times audiences were college going kids or youngsters. I had to therefore learn a bit of ‘elephant & ant’ jokes and also things people of that age could relate to.

Over last few months, I have started getting some recognition. The first show in September 2019 (with couple of others) was a ‘sold out’ and that gave me a lot of confidence and I also got a ‘certificate of awesomeness’ in an Open Mic. Now, I am getting called for some corporate gigs and that’s the space I really like.

I feel that bringing smiles to people’s faces is Godly and should qualify as a ‘religion’. Everytime I am able to do this, it feels like an achievement.

4. Any experience with annoying audience member?

Every time when the audience doesn’t laugh, I find them super annoying. I tell them that my jokes are good but it needs ‘intelligence’ to understand 🙂

I remember one time while doing a joke on ‘Commander Abhinandan’ (who was held captive in Pakistan) about him being a ‘Jain’ where an audience member shouted ‘he is from south India’. At first, I ignored him but he again repeated himself after a minute. It was difficult telling him to shut up…you see there is great power in alcohol.

5. Any bombing moment you’d like to share?

Lots of them actually. I have had cases where there has not been a single laugh in my 5 minutes on stage and people staring at me as if I am an alien. I have had instances where I have forgotten the set on stage and also where I got off in 2 minutes. Each time when I bomb, I say to myself…’apna time aayega’!


For sure, Pratik! Humour Sapiens wishes you good luck on this funny journey!

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