Anshu Mor: Humour Sapiens

On Anshu Mor’s 1972 time-travel

Anshu Mor is out with his newest video 1972 – tab theek tha. This video is all about trying to explain 2019 to someone from 1972, especially making them understand the passion comedy, start-ups, social media and stuff.

He starts with getting himself teleported to 1972, when he was just a foetus and describes how his parents must have felt had he suddenly landed as a full-grown man in that year. Anshu talks about passion – which is something you do when you find the grass greener on the other side. He mentions how the achievements these days are mostly about coming up with new Instagram filters.

Anshu ends with a very strong message of respecting your parents. Respecting, not by creating a facebook account for them; by not getting them on facebook. Respect them, but offline!

Highlights of the video:

  • When mom has an Ekta Kapoor show moment for a second.

Anshu Mor: Humour Sapiens

  • We came out with 2 new dog filters.

Anshu Mor: Humour Sapiens

  • Mom vs Me/We

Anshu Mor: Humour Sapiens

There are more funny instances from his life, such as his father treating facebook like a family whatsapp group, and his mother finding a bizarre way to include herself in his facebook conversations.

Check out the complete 1972 video and see the magic Anshu Mor once again weaves magic!


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