Aayushi Jagad: Humour Sapiens

Know Aayushi Jagad a little more!

Being a comedienne in this country is a little too light, and Aayushi Jagad aka Slutty Savitree is thriving, and is recognised as funny, progressive and outspoken. A Pune-based writer and stand-up comedian doesn’t mind putting you in your place. She is a Youtube content creator and can talk about everything from dick pics, anxiety to avocados.

Aayushi dropped out of her college to pursue her passion of comedy, and now beautifully displaying her wits in words through Twitter, YouTube videos, On-stage, Write-ups! She is someone you would not want to miss watching.

Here are two of her videos. Check out!

Arranged Marriage

This is one hilarious piece where she is unable to believe why her being single is a never-ending reason of concern for her Gujarati family. She adds that her family would love to see her getting hitched, but whenever a boy comes to ‘check her out’ for the ‘prospective alliance’, why does he come with a platoon? She also talks about one Alok Nath that’s there in every marriage arrangement. Know what she means by that in this video.

Instagram and Dick Pics

Like most females on social media…even the males pretending-to-be-females, she too gets a lot of dick pictures. So, instead of being offended about it, she decided to mock those. Harassment is not acceptable. She feels, why keep it to inbox, share it with world!

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