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Appetite for political comedy growing in India

More and more comics are coming up with political jokes, and the influence of political satire is growing. Does that mean Indians have grown a funny bone towards political comedy or comics have developed thicker skin and have become prone to abusive and threatening or negative comments?

The younger generation is sceptical about the news they receive from mainstream media, which is apparently straitjacketed, but prefer to be presented with all facts. And comics are doing exactly that, presenting condensed news without bias. The tongue-in-cheek way of narrating news sure makes you laugh but leaves you pondering too.

Some of the comics who are taking on the political comedy are:

Kunal Kamra

In a secret affair with Modi government, Kunal Kamra is habitual of taking on them with his political humour and accepts backlash in stride. A politician once told him, ‘’Go ahead, do comedy but leave politics for us.’’ To which Kamra says, “Sir, aap pe hi chhoda tha. Par aap log comedy kar rahe ho.”

Shridhar Venkatramana

Known for his ‘Prime Time Jokes’ – a series of Stand-Up Comedy videos based on the Prime Time news events that happened around us. He presents intellectually stimulating ideas which are hilarious at the same time.

Vipul Goyal

Apart from talking about Bollywood, relationships, advertisements, Vipul also enjoys talking politics in his acts. However, he ensures that he doesn’t offend anybody’s political sentiments.

Varun Grover

People these days are more aware now and are fed news at all times through all channels. This makes for a fertile ground for stand-up comics. His tour ‘Aisi Taisi Democracy’ is all about giving satirical twist to news, and audience fell in love with it.

Vir Das

Politics occupies Das in a big way! His gig, The Secret Set includes subjects related to politics, religion, racism and the Indian accent. He is often seen taking a dig at politics.

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