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Review: Nishant Tanwar’s Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega

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Hop on & Seat belt on, because…Nishant Tanwar is back with his new special ‘Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega’. This Hinglish special from Nishant is a face to face with reality. He talks about weddings; his China visit as a third wheel and his corporate stint. He establishes a pattern with the first shot of the special when he comes up on stage and totally owns it.

Outlandish Addiction

Nishant spends a considerable time telling how he is addicted to attending weddings and so begins the tale. He gets to attend a cousin’s wedding, deals with a couple of relatives who still are not able to wrap their head around the fact that stand-up comedy is a serious business. The horrid turn of events doesn’t end there. He narrates how he made his cousin wear a ‘lungi’ with a tux, and how he had to do third wheeling on his cousin’s honeymoon. He details his China and Dubai visit, the food, the orgasmic feel you have when you meet a fellow Indian or mere Hindi-speaking person abroad, the dessert safari and the real-belly-dancing experience he had.

The Times of Corporate

A lot of his material revolves around his experiences from his corporate stint, and how his boss considered him for not thinking out of the boss. He subtly explains the thin line between buttering and ass-licking, and how these traits can help you get good increments. His tale of adversity is a confessional style of storytelling, wherein he gets laughs almost matter-of-factly. This bit was where Tanwar was the brightest. He effortlessly motivates while describing how doing comedy costed him his job. He, at the same time, doesn’t make us feel bad for laughing at these incidents.

In his last bit, he describes meeting his former boss who laid him off a few years ago, and then comes the high point of the special, when he gives it back to his ex-boss that Tanwar’s time is more valuable now!

Though, Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega has a few moments where it falters and the whole thing takes a while to get going, but you sure can overlook those. His tone and energy help support the material, till he drops the mic with a motivating message about steering your life your way!

He is seen driving off a BMW in the end, which sure gives us goose bumps. We are proud, Nishant!

Watch Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega Amazon Prime Video, here.

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