Aakash Mehta: Humour Sapiens

Monsoon Special Stand-up Comedy

Rains don’t just bring relief from seething heat, but also bring lot of comedy. Don’t believe us? Watch these monsoon special stand-up comedy videos, and welcome the rains by going from sweaty to wetty. 😉

Monsoon Special Stand-up Comedy

Aakash Mehta talks about how Mumbai has “How Dare You?” rains. “Tu Ghar se Nikla Kaise?”

Vikramjit Singh talks about how Gurgaon goes with the flow every time it rains.

Radhika Vaz talks about the Mumbai Monsoon and the annoying romantic couples who enjoy it.

Sundeep Sharma talks about how your job gets on stake when rains decide to have mood swings.

Ankita, the filmy chokri, talks about the love-hate relationship between rains and girls.

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