Harsh Gujral: Humour Sapiens

Harsh Gujral’s first stand-up video: Reality Shows

Harsh Gujral, a Kanpur guy with strong personality who cracks jokes on his experiences of living in Delhi’s NCR region. His acts are hilarious enough to tickle your funny bones. Given his style of delivery, relatability of content and his interaction with the audience makes him a joy to watch. He has a long way to go in the comedy industry.

Here’s his first stand-up comedy video on the reality of ‘Reality Shows’. This will demystify the mystery once and for all.

He talks about the poverty in reality shows, the national sadness (death of Mihir Virani), the pressure of ladies in the house, the traumatising reason of not been given a cycle, incidents with Nirma, studying under streetlights.

Here’s a laugh riot from Harsh Gujral

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