Kanan Gill: Humour Sapiens Meme

Memes & more: Working from home & the new normal

Working from home is challenging, for it is often confused with staying at home and we are expected to be available for work 24×7. There are no lunch breaks, but there are siesta breaks. We are on calls throughout the day and on Netflix/Prime post that. Is the ‘new normal’ really normal? But whatever be the case, we cannot deny that working from home during these Covid times is allowing us a proper dosage of memes. So, here we share our collection of memes & more: working from home & the new normal:

Just cannot be on video calls the whole day, who’s got time to bath.Abhishek Upmanyu: Humour Sapiens meme

When the brain orders, you must comply.


No, brain! You cannot switch yourself off, I’ve got work to do.Biswa: Humour Sapiens Meme


Or Bye. And sometimes, neither.Zoom meeting: Humour Sapiens meme


But when we unmute for a meeting.Zoom meeting: Humour Sapiens memeOffice coffee machine benefits: you get coffee that you don’t have to make, it’s free, it’s effortless, you can have it as many times you like, you get to get up from your workstation, you get to chat with people on the way to the coffee machine. Sigh. Coffee: Humour Sapiens meme


But deep inside, we all have lost what is needed to go to office. We’ve sort of become the fat-tummied working-from-home generation.Abhishek Upmanyu: Humour Sapiens meme

Movie halls/theatres don’t seem too happy either.Abhishek Upmanyu: Humour Sapiens meme

Another upside to working from home and not having to go out.

Apprurv Gupta: Gupta Ji: Humour Sapiens meme

But in the end…this is what we all feel.

Kanan Gill: Humour Sapiens Meme

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