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Feminism, Sati Aur Nange Log by Neetu Bhardwaj

This compendious stand-up comic, Neetu Bhardwaj has come up with her video ‘Feminism, Sati Aur Nange Log’. Fresh, hilarious and echoes our thoughts, but in a way unmatched. She takes the room from silence to roaring laughter moments after stepping on stage. Wisecracking effectively in Hindi, Neetu drops truth bombs guised as jokes. The video begins with a Cheenti-Haathi joke, the grownup version, followed by instances of introversion, feminism, sati and suicide.

Bonne Bouches from the video:

Introverts have been following social distancing since forever.

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We support Fries over Guys kinda feminism only.

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Has happened to the best of us.

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In her video – Feminism, Sati Aur Nange Log, Neetu Bhardwaj also explains the difference between ‘Sati’ and ‘Jauhar’ girls, moving on to telling us why she prefers being classist but not casteist.

Though Neetu Bhardwaj presents herself on stage with a poker-faced expression, but her content graced the faces of audience with a bout of hyperventilated laughter. We’d love to see her interacting with audience, for we feel that is going be a laugh riot!

Watch the full video here:

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