Kunal Kamra: Humour Sapiens

5 best election acts by stand-up comics

The Elections 2019 have begun, and almost everyone wants to know, ab ki baar kiski sarkaar? And this has left stand-up comics talking, and we love it! So, here we share some of the best sets by Indian stand-up comedians in the light of these elections. Check out the election acts by stand-up comics:

Kunal Kamra suggests who should become India’s next prime minister, and the front-runners as per him are the corporate giants like Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata. He also mentions how it led to mocking accusations from the “bhakts”, and his experience of being threatened by one of them.

Varun Grover takes up the case of Modi ji’s Canada visit, and how UP’s Chief Minister did supercool pragmatic things. He rightly puts that our leaders have a sense of humor, and it can’t be disproved mathematically. Watch it to know it.

Rajeev Nigam hilariously talks on the contemporary issues, such as Modi’s hand in construction of Patel statue and Rahul Gandhi’s commitment of giving Rs 72,000 to every Indian. He also talks about the respectful titles that are given to renowned people these days.

Vibhor Chaudhary in his video on Modi ji, Cow and Elections, hilariously talks about PM’s confidence level and Delhi CM’s tantrums. He also briefly mentions Mulayam Singh and Yogi Adityanath, and elaborates on the politicians being mythological characters, Check out the video.

Abijit Ganguly is troubled because he feels Modi ji is always making him work, even on his week-offs. And we must say, he is right! Whatever impressed him about the PM, now seems annoying. He briefly talks about Manmohan Singh too, to prove a point, which you will get to know when you watch the video.

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