Vaibhav Sethia: Humour Sapiens

Vaibhav Sethia’s Weighty Issues

One IIT degree and 5 jobs later, stand-up comedian Vaibhav Sethia finds his calling!

A Bachelor’s degree in architecture from IIT Roorkee, and 5 jobs later, Vaibhav Sethia finds his calling as a comedian.

Having done his bachelor’s, he bagged a high-paying job in an oil company, and quit after a couple of months moving on to work at an education-based startup with a friend. After juggling three different jobs, and quitting them all for different reasons, he got on to working as a writer for a Kolkata-based production house.

Well, as the previous record says, he had to move on. Post this, he assisted a director in a Bengali movie and got to play a side role in the film.

Now that we know a little about him, allow us to share our favourite video of Vaibhav Sethia. It’s totally relatable and left us rolling on the floor with laughter.

Here’s a snippet from his hour-long Amazon Prime special named ‘Don’t’ where he makes jokes about being overweight.

What we loved in here:

  1. The way he made his act so relatable and never for a second left that energy.
  2. His lessons on how shorts are much more comfortable than pants and why.
  3. How he outgrew his clothing, and the only place he found the stuff of his liking in a mall, was at food court.

It was indeed a hilarious bit, you have to watch it to know it.

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