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Video: Laugh Out Loud

As they say, “Good comedy helps people know they are not alone. Great comedy provides an answer.” And these stand-up comedians are the masters of both good and great comedy. The best part about their comedy is they know the art of making you laugh, and you don’t really have to agree or approve of the content. Here’s a quick ‘laugh out loud’ video compilation of our favourite acts from our favourites.
Aravind SA cribs about having to do a romantic ISD phone call, Kenny is puzzled about the way his girlfriend stops an auto rickshaw, Zakir Khan didn’t take an ounce of insult from Levis store assistant, Gaurav Kapoor compared bullet to nano, Rahul Subramanian made us realise how being in Bangalore is nothing but becoming a red line on the map.

Check out the video! And laugh out loud.

These #comics left us cracking! Here are some of our favourites acts of our favourites. Watch and laugh! 😂🤣Who are your…

Posted by Humour Sapiens on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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