Srijan Kaushik: Humour Sapiens

Srijan Kaushik: The comical version of Sheldon Cooper

Born in Delhi, brought up in Rajasthan, studied in Gujarat and worked in Bengaluru, that sums up Srijan Kaushik’s identity crisis issue. This comical version of Sheldon Cooper was raised in a dysfunctional joint family, which means, lots of comedy content at your disposal. He has a perfect environment to derive his humourous anecdotes from.

Generous life offered so many different scenarios and options to pursue but somehow Srijan succeeded at being mundane (he says, we don’t believe) and went on to do his engineering and MBA.

When he is not writing or performing, Srijan Kaushik can be found procrastinating, daydreaming, and making excuses to ditch upcoming visits to his dentist.

Srijan Kaushik: Humour Sapiens

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