Kusha Kapila: Humour Sapiens

Kusha Kapila: The swaggy comedy content creator

Kusha Kapila is a popular internet sensation and a swaggy comedy content creator.

She has worked as a brand and copywriter with the likes of Razorfish and Apparel Online, and moved on to work on her own terms as a freelancer for quite some time. Currently, she is rocking as fashion editor with iDiva.

Not only does she create fashion content spanning entertainment and fashion, she also creates funny video content and stars in those as well. This is where she developed her famed fictional character Billi Maasi.

Her series of sketches that imitate girls from South Delhi are absolutely hilarious and real. Apart from this, she also loves writing poetry as Kavita Ki Kavita.

This is a recent one on normalising asking for help.

Such are the times – all of us are overwhelmed with work, household stuff, abrupt meetings, and having to stay extra cautious, adding to the list of to-dos. It isn’t quite working from home, but staying at work. This Kavita ki Kavita talks about the importance of talking and listening.

Kusha posts comedy content on her YouTube channel as well, that she started on October 7, 2011 and has gained over 222K subscribers and over 1M overall views.

She has over 1.4M followers on Instagram and posts all sorts of relatable and funny content. Her videos are the scroll-stoppers on the feed. From getting excited about waxing to making dosa on the forehead, she puts our thoughts into videos, making us believe that we are absolutely sane for letting such thoughts cross our minds.

Kusha Kapila has been creating a lot of new content for us and keeping entertained during this dreaded lockdown. Check out!

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THICK THIGHS KNOW 🤣 tag a friend and say nothing

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Yes, that’s what road trips are all about. And with multiple people it gets even worse

For more interesting content from Kusha, check out her instagram feed here.

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