Anubhav Bassi’s New Video ‘Roommate’ – Watch Now

Anubhav Singh Bassi is back with his newest  stand-up comedy view – Roommate. This 23-minute video is a laughter-blaster, wherein he reminisces his college days with his roommate. From making tea to smoke rings, and drinking tea to alcohol, Bassi recounts all those events.

However, one event was so special that he decided to comprehensively narrate it.

It was a regular day. Two boys from Meerut, Anubhav and Sam, were leading a normal life as friends and roommates. A life filled with fun, booze and cigs.

Until one day.

A regular college day turned into a memory for life, when his roommate’s father lands up unannounced and sees & hears what he shouldn’t have.

‘Roommate’ revives storytelling magic that Bassi holds. The attempt to bring his ‘buddy’ out from the bathroom, the eagerness to see him getting beaten up and the realisation of how mistake is a concept that’s different to each.

And finally having his anxiousness calmed.

Want to know how?  Watch Anubhav Bassi’s ‘Roommate’ here:

Here’s what we loved!

  • Staying updated like

  • Strategising like a friend

  • Fading lines between right and wrong

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