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Why Do Comedians Become Comedians?

Ever wondered, why is it that the laughing apes choose a tough route to become comics? Could it be because of the childhood experiences of comedians? Or their belief in themselves that they are funny?

Many people believe that professional comedians are sad or depressed. It is their unhappy childhood or troubled relationship with family that leads to them reflecting a happy side, hiding their glumness. Performing on stage is considered to be a coping mechanism for them, an escape from reality.   

This belief is backed by a research that states, it is the pressures and expectations put on comics while growing up. If they faltered. They weren’t accepted as ‘good enough’ or worthy. Stand-up Comedy was pursued as a venting system, where they could be as badass as they could get and still be ‘good enough’.

However, over the last few years, it has been widely accepted as a career. Shunning all the beliefs of being tortured in childhood, stand-up comedy has turned into a lucrative profession, for those who deserve. And for the rest, it is still a coping mechanism, not from the disturbing childhood, but from a traumatic work-life, bad bosses, annoying colleagues and basically anyone you cannot hit with a keyboard and puncture with a pen.

Becoming a laughing stock, or making someone a butt of all your jokes serves as a defence against panic and anxiety. Comedians do enjoy their short period of relief on stage, where the spotlight is on them. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. They bum too. But then, who doesn’t?

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We’ve always had the comedians such as Johnny Lever, Raju Srivastava, Vir Das and the likes, who pursued comedy as a hobby before taking it up professionally. But it wasn’t always an acceptable career for the funny lot with disapproving-and-society-fearing-parents.

Today, a fresh flush of comedians is seen who want to try their hand at making India laugh. The scene is such that it’s not just the individual comics who are hovering people’s minds, but comedy and entertainment portals such as TVF & AIB have come into existence too. And boy, people love them for their missing brain to mouth filter. There has never been a better time to be an entertainer.

The increasing special place for humour in India is evident with the streaming websites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix latching on to the opportunity and teaming up with comics to generate funny content.

Cities across India witness full-houses in Comedy gigs. Comedy content has diversified, comedians have diversified. The looney toony in the brain isn’t limited to the guys, the girls are no less in foraying into the laughter-world. *Proud*

Also, competition is increasing as more young comedians are taking the plunge. Everyone seems to be writing a special spot, trying to be visible, applauded and accepted.

Branding someone as tortured because that someone carries a certain talent is pure thumbs down.

Comedians become comedians because they are talented. Period.

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