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Vasu Primlani: Sassy stand-up comic the world needs

Vasu Primlani, an Indian stand-up comic and an environmentalist, received the 2015 Nari Shakti Puraskar from the Government of India. She is pursuing her PhD on subjects dealing with pollution.

Layered with satire and logic, Vasu don’t just make you laugh, she makes you think too. Like all other comics, she talks about the issues that are important to her, such as civic sense, democracy, environment, civil rights.

Vasu holds up a mirror to society without being judgemental. She is an inspirational speaker and somatic therapist too who has worked with rape and suicide survivors, as well as rapists and murderers.

She uses humour to promote understanding among audiences who have had little to no exposure to the debate over LGBT+ issues. The combination of humour and awareness made her popular among corporates who started inviting her for the training sessions at workplaces.

Recently, IBM invited her to carry out a session for Pride month in June. Her approach has always been to start with comedy, and trickling down to offer tips on how to behave around LGBT+ colleagues.

Being among the very few comics who do stand-up acts in both Hindi and English, she admits to doing a lot of research and work on the ‘shuddh’ Hindi terms for her act.

She is sassy, she is hilarious. Check for yourself!

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Vasu Primlani - Humour Sapiens













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Vasu Primlani - Humour Sapiens












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