the rise of humour sapiens

The rise of humour-sapiens

Have you ever written ‘make love’ instead of ‘make live’, or ‘PDA’ instead of ‘PFA’ in the official emails, gets awkward, no? And more so, because people laugh at you, no sympathies! That’s when you unknowingly step into the world of being a comedian.

You become a laughing stock every time you stand up, even when you stand up for the National Anthem. And when the national anthem doesn’t play, stand up during the Gutkha Mukesh ad.
Because woh sirf chaubees saal ka tha.

Stand up, whenever you get a chance!

the rise of humour sapiens- comedian

Get into the feel, as if you are standing on a platform in a theatre or a café, the spotlight is directly on you, a few cackling mouths are there in the backdrop. Imagine you holding a mic, crushing beliefs, mocking people, audience laughing, instead of getting offended or touchy.

Celebrity-like feeling, isn’t it?

But this wasn’t really the case a few years ago, India wasn’t adjustable to humor. It took us a lot of time to get accustomed to slapstick comedy, to master the art of taking jokes, being a joke ourselves, or attend the comedy shows sitting in the front rows only to get insulted from comedians or the comic celebs and coming back home all smiles.

Ever wondered, why did this need for stand-up comedy arise? I mean, we are paying to laugh. Is it that important for us? Yes, I guess! Amid depressing lives, darkest times, unexpectedly low bonuses and office politics, we need something that gives us a pseudo belief of happily ever after. Momentary happiness.

No wonder, stand up comedians these days are considered no less than celebrities. For they have opened a whole new world of fun-without-offence.

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