the indian perspective of comedy

The Indian Perspective to Comedy

The culture of comedy is growing by the ninja speed. It could be because of the constant need to de-stress, and what better remedy than comedy!

Poetic as it may sound, humour mostly gets you through any crisis in life. Stand-up comedians are getting good, because the news is getting bad by the day.

the indian perspective of comedy

The Underlying Potential

Comedy has a lot of potential – potential to connect people, to make them forget their worries one act at a time, to help people have tears of laughter and not the other way round. And comedy has it stored in its belly!

YouTube reports for the year 2016 indicate the vast potential that lies in comedy.

  1. Out if 10 most viewed videos on YouTube, 5 were comic-based.
  2. Comedy shows, stand-up acts, comedy houses, internet roasts have shown the fastest growth in viewership in the year 2016.
  3. More than 30% of the total TV hours are attributed to comedy.
  4. A similar trend like comedy on TV is seen in the consumption of YouTube videos.

That’s about online, but we certainly cannot skip the offline wave of humour.

  1. Over 200 offline comedy shows are held every month in India.
  2. More than 100 serious comedians and an ever-growing unknown number of budding comedians are putting in efforts to add humour to people’s lives every day.
  3. Given the growth of stand-up and video at the same time, their combination will account for about 50% video consumption.

But whatever the case be, it is good to see that stand-up is finding its feet in India. All thanks to the online revolution that brought the genius Indian-Canadian comedian Russell Peters to our computer screens. So smoothly he convinced us that it wasn’t just okay to poke fun at others, it was hilarious and cool! Aha!

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