Neeti Palta: Humour Sapiens

The Indian Ellen DeGeneres – Neeti Palta

There’s Ellen DeGeneres and then there is Neeti Palta. The way she looks to the way she connects with the audience to her comedy acts – it reminds you of the former. There is no dearth of ‘funny’ women stand-up comedians in this country, and this Dilli ki ‘Pataka’ proves just that.

Neeti brings to the stand-up comedy scene, the much needed woman’s perspective. Her acts, in some way or the other, brings in a female point of view – be it current affairs or daily life incidents. She does not leave chances of poking fun at the men.

The Punjabi weddings

Our favourite act of hers has to be the one on Punjabi Weddings – it is a laugh riot from the beginning till the end. This is pure observational comedy at its best. There are so many hilarious one-liners, that it becomes hard to keep track of it after a point of time. Some of those gems that we would like to highlight:

There is so much glitter and grandeur in our weddings that I swear to God that one of these days a plane will mistake it for an airport runway and come in for a landing.

The vigorousness of aunty’s dance is directly proportional to how big a catch the groom is.

Good Parenting, Bad Parenting, lazy parenting

The next act that we would like to talk about is the one about where she talks about parenting. It reminds you of the good old days, when good parenting meant that you whack your child?! She talks about the ‘problem’ where today’s parents don’t believe in beating up their children, but instead choose to have a dialogue. “Our parents used to beat us just for relaxation,” she says. Could it get any funnier? Yes, it can, when she follows up with yet another comeback line, “My mother never hit me with a chappal…she threw the chappal. That’s just lazy parenting. I made you lose your figure…at least run after me.” If this does not make you laugh out and bring tears to your eyes, we do not know what else will!

Some man-bashing

Oh…and, how can we forget about all the man-bashing that she does? Each line better than the other. Brings out her female side up-front. Sample these, if you don’t believe us:

Woman making the first move in India is like Donald Trump speaking one sentence which made complete sense.

Arranged marriage is when the boy’s family falls in love with the girl’s family and they live happily ever after.

N D Tiwari (politician) taking the biological test and failing gives me hope that not everyone wants a boy child either.

Neeti Palta is one of the very few female stand-up comedians in India, who matches the demeanour and attitude of a male stand-up comedian. Her confidence on stage is amazing and so are her jokes – 100% original, 100% desi – we likey, likey!



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