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Tête-à-Tête with Rahul Robin

Rahul Robin has a few things that define him – He is a coder by the day, Comedian by the evening, Confused throughout the day. What’s more? He happens to be paradoxically both socially awkward and great at keeping audience engaged. He says, his life is ideal for his comedy content, for it revolves around making jokes or being a joke himself. Both ways, he is making us all laugh, Humour Sapiens got into a Tête-à-Tête with Rahul Robin. Read on!

How did you get into comedy?

I have always been that guy in the group who loves to make people laugh but never had enough confidence to perform in front of strangers. I used to watch videos of funny stand-up comics on facebook and YouTube. All was okay, except the frustrating work life, which made me want to vent out. And what better way than laughing it off! I looked up for a venue for open mic and bang! my first open mic in Enerjuvate Jayanagar happened on 8th October 2017. That’s how the journey into the world of comedy began.

What have been your key achievements?

There are not many, but all are special. I have a long way to go!

However, appreciation from Manish Tyagi for whom I opened when he was in Bangalore was precious.

Apart from that, I once performed at a common ground event organised by Art Khoj and people loved my performance to an extent that they followed me on social media and started attending my shows. Art Khoj gave me an opportunity to perform at Jindal Steel Plant at Bellary.

Any bombing moments you could think of?

There are quite a few. But the one that I remember clearly is of a performance at one of the finest comedy clubs of the country. It was 2017 Comedy Festival open mic at ‘That Comedy Club’ and I bombed so bad that I could hear people yawning during my set.

What have been the challenges faced by you?

Before starting stand-up, the last time I was on stage was in my school days to sing National Anthem. So, overcoming stage fear was difficult. However, I sometimes feel it coming back before I have to make an appearance on the stage. But one gets better each day! Also, another challenge which wasn’t much of a challenge for me until I was told of my habit of speaking really fast and audience failing to follow what I said. Slowly and gradually, I am getting better in that too.

Any experience with any annoying audience member?

Not directly, but the beer mug incident that happened with Akshay Laxman (where an enraged patron flanged beer mug at him), I was in that lineup. It made me feel, people really should learn to take jokes. It would be quite interesting to see a course being added in Indian Education System  but I loved the attitude with which Akshay, Abhinav and Hippo Laugh Club dealt with the whole issue.

Connect with Rahul Robin on Instagram: @rahulrobin2611

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