Kjeld Shreshth: Humour Sapiens

Terrific 3 stand-up videos of Kjeld Sreshth

Kjeld Sreshth, a comic from Bangalore, has been in the serious business of making people laugh for over 4 years now. J in his name is as silent as Manmohan Singh in his tenure as our PM. Most of his viewers recall him as a comic with a weird name; but he suspects his father was on drugs while naming him.

His humour is quirky and fresh, and has managed to create his space in the circuit. With his unique opinions about everyday life, he has pulled many shows and turned many heads. He has shared stage with renowned comics under the Bangalore Comedy Club banner.

He has over 1 lac YouTube subscribers, and here we share his terrific three.


Cupcakes, muffins – Avocado, Butter fruit, who knew these differences? Proud Middle Class raise your hands! This video is all about things you didn’t know but should know.


This video is all about insights on why Kerala is God’s own country & how being friendzoned is like being a moon that circles the earth. But oh, the earth is crushing over the sun. Or maybe the moon is a lesbian. You have to watch it to know it.

Creepy Behaviour

He explains how the primary behaviour of Indians is creepy, and most of us realise it too, when we are half way through the staring-someone-process. Check out this video on more insight on creepy behaviour in general.

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