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Sumit Anand’s It’s My Birthday: Review

Sumit Anand’s It’s My Birthday is one exemplary laughter ride and a distinct interpretation of being a Haryanvi chap. The way he described his experiences left us ‘Flabbergasted’.

He went on to talk about capitalisation, and how he subtly converted the Rs. 100 he gave to beggars into thousands.
Sumit also talks about how his girlfriend made him feel sorry on his birthday for not being as excited as her on his birthday. You have to listen to it to know the pain suffered by him.
However the lesson he taught us was, you should have fun while you are alive, but must have fun after you are dead. Play with your grave stones. He has some wacky ideas, maybe you’d like a little inspiration.
His style of narration has a ring to it that leaves you giggling.
Here’s the entire video, watch out!

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