Suman Kumar: Humour Sapiens

Suman Kumar – novelist, screen writer, stand-up comic & more

Suman Kumar, novelist, screen writer, former IT pro, stay-at-home dad and a stand-up comic! Is there anything that this man cannot do? Born in Madras, schooled in Chittoor, living in Bangalore, Suman Kumar worked in a quite a few boring jobs before he decided to enter the writing world.

He has contributed to feature films, namely A Gentleman, Farzi, Ranga Half-Pants, Stree, Game Over; web series on Amazon Prime, The Family Man and 2 AM. He has written a novel titled ‘Ranga Half-Pants’.

Here are the best videos from the exceptionally talented Suman Kumar!

Understanding women and the array of emotions that they can experience at a given point of time, psychology, being human like Salman Khan, and on how your child completes you, maybe not the way you would want him to. Check the complete video to know!

Growing older, paracetamol and doctors is a comedy set on how hangover is a constant part of life as you grow old, and if Jesus can really save us. He also mentions how doctors are morbid people who eat upma and talk about how anal sex can cause AIDS. Suman is right in calling it disgusting, the upma! There’s more to it, watch here.

This video is all about funny, small town cricket stories, tambrams, and the right way to taste wine. Watch here.


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