Garv Malik: Humour Sapiens

Stand-up comic Garv Malik’s finest 3 videos

Garv Malik is an aspiring Drug Dealer who is planning on sticking to stand-up comedy till he has saved enough money for his drug business. He is right now in the business of selling laughter while maintaining a ‘well-paid’ day job at a start-up. He is a stand-up comedian from Delhi and is known for satirical digs on real life issues and improv comedy. Check out stand-up comic Garv Malik’s finest 3 videos and we are sure you are going to find them relatable af:

Gurgaon, Rohtak & Appraisals

Garv Malik, just like millions migrated to another city for job opportunity in addition to pursue what he loves. He shares his experience in this video wherein he talks about moving to Gurgaon, the millennium city, the world’s largest shooting range and what’s more special about it.

He mentions that he is a part of the group known as survivors and has members who are reckoned for their alertness. Watching this video and brace yourself for what comes next!

His need for safety and obviously, work made him move to Rohtak that has nothing to awaken the adventure enthusiast within him. His tales about pool parties and dacoities are hilarious.

Stand-up comic Garv Malik also touches upon a very sensitive subject of appraisals, and how he got fired because of an auto correct. But goes home happy. Such a sadist! You have to watch to know why.

Why I Quit Watching porn?

Most of us have been exposed to pornography at some stage and have been caught watching pornography too. But imagine getting caught watching visual erotica at work, which gets really awkward if you work in the Parliament house. In a dim room, he makes talking about Pornography, smooth!

Stand-up Comedian Garv Malik, here talks about his experiences with pornography, and reviews it the Rajiv Masand way, or better! Fret not, the video contains no explicit usage of words and is perfectly safe to watch in the presence of your family, obviously at your own risk.

The video becomes more relatable if you have been heavily exposed to watching porn. Definitely a refreshing and funny watch!

JNU & Tinder

JNU somehow manages to stay in controversy most of the time. Politically aware students take a stand over what they feel is right and get involved in debates with politicians and news anchors.

But whether you love it or hate it, you just cannot ignore JNU and neither could Garv Malik. In this video of his, he talks about his experience inside JNU as an outsider. You sure can expect it to make you laugh. What’s more, he also talks about Tinder, and how it bonds his relationship *wink wink*. Watch to know what happens eventually. The turn of events is unexpected buy offers a happy ending,


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