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Stand-up comedians talk about Indian weddings

Indian weddings sure are a nervous game for the brides and the grooms but not really for the people who attend them. They like weddings, mainly because they get to eat ‘Shaadi ka Khaana’ and it is nothing but truth that people go to weddings for good food, to try varieties of sweets and nosh on Pani Puri/Golgappas. A good plate of pani puri does justice to dressing up heavily. We hardly see the bride and the groom, but we are aware which counter has which delicacy. Our loved stand-up comedians do have their share of stories about Indian weddings, which you sure can relate to.

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Abijit Ganguly

He talks about the problem that every individual in their mid-twenties suffers with, “Beta, shaadi karlo” (child, get married), and marriage in general.

Neeti Palta

She aptly describes Punjabi weddings, saying, “Punjabi weddings are to us what full moons are to warewolves”. Neeti’s legitimate take on big, fat Indian weddings and the reason why Punjabi uncles suffer from a cervical attack after weddings was hilarious.

Hasan Minhaj

He talks about getting engaged in older India which he calls Tinder without photos, about how white people act at the Indian weddings, and how much immigrants love secrets.

Anirban Dasgupta

He does stand-up bit on two things that fascinate him – religion and Indian weddings. He talks about kissing the bride in Christian weddings and kill the bride in Haryana weddings. Anirban states the reason why Indians have a low divorce rate. That’s because they spend so much on their wedding that they cannot afford a second wedding.

Vikramjit Singh

He mentions that he is at a weird age where people younger than him are enjoying life and people older than him think he is the one doing stupid shit like not getting married.

Shyam Tenali

This comic talks about weird nuances South Indians have at their weddings, their traditions and some other stories about how Tamilians party


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