Tobasco: Rahul Subramanian: Humour Sapiens

Stand-up comedians and their alter egos

Alternative personalities or alter egos are of late playing a bigger role in creating comedy as it offers comedians a medium to bring out another side of themselves. Even the audience is becoming receptive to consuming this side of comedy.

Lately, a lot many comedy content creators are getting guised in different roles on social media to create our precious, ‘comedy’.

Like Mallika Dua has been playing a whole bunch of roles and Bhuvan Bam who is known for his BB ki Vines, there are others like Gaurav Gera too who use Snapchat filters to their maximum capacity to prepare fun bits for the consumption of comedy loving audience.

Apart from these, there are other Humour Sapiens too whom you might have missed.

a. Varun Thakur aka Vicky Malhotra

Deejay and struggling actor Vicky, known for his amazing speaking style and dad’s money is Varun’s alter ego. His leather shoes and Ed Hardy T-shirt are a perfect formula for laughter, backed with his perv oddities.

b. Naveen Richard aka Uncle Francis

Uncle Francis is no ordinary uncle. He is powerful enough to make you roll with laughter every time you see him. Naveen Richard is the person responsible for bringing the South Indian representation in the mainstream Indian comedy.

c. Sumukhi Suresh aka Behti Naak and Pushpavalli

Epitome of satirical comedy, the issues of Behti Naak has won multiple tissues, and of course hearts! In her videos and appearance on Son of Abish, Sumukhi as Behti Naak talks about faults in our sanskaars and much visible gender inequalities at home.

Sumukhi’s another alter ego is Pushpavalli, a web series on Amazon Prime which is a delight to watch. It’s about her moving to a new city after the love of her life, and boy, what a quirky life Pushpavalli has.

d. Rahul Subramanian aka Tobasco

Tobasco is a Motivational Speaker who answers arbitrary questions from his followers in a way that is funny, honest and distinct. The wisdom of Tobasco feels like it is coming from someone who has been there, seen that and done that.

e. Aditi Mittal aka Dr. Mrs. Savitri Lutchuke

A character from Aditi Mittal that is similar to your mother, Mrs. Lutchuke has a Marathi accent in which she hilariously educates about sex.

Apart from these, there’s Biswa Kalyan Rath as toothless Rajesh who is a mutual fund advisor who gives some mind-blowing advice on monetary investments; and Sahil Shah as Prashant. This gujju has a wife named Parul, and they are a bee and deer couple who make it evident that bees and deers need to be heard too.

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