Sriraam Padmanabhan: Humour Sapiens

Sriraam Padmanabhan & his quirky tales

Sriraam Padmanabhan stepped into the world of comedy, some eight years ago at a café named Café Goa in Bandra and totally bombed it. His venturing into the comedy scene went on for good six months, post which he got a job in advertising. And corporates are good at one thing – sucking up your ‘Me’ time. After three years of toiling hard, Sriraam Padmanabhan needed some fresh air to breathe and relief, and he chose just the right way to get that.

He stepped back on stage, some four years ago, seriously funnily. Having performed at Canvas Laugh Club and open mics, the whole process became enjoyable for him and worth investing time on.

Sriraam went on to share his video on PornHub

Here we share a few video gems from Sriraam Padmanabhan:

Bollywood & Biopics

He talks about how Bollywood is churning one biopic after another – From Azhar to Sanju. And Akshay Kumar who by now might be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.

The Times of Comedy

He talks about his experience of performing for the Times of India employees and his horrid tale of out-of-order printers at a printing press.

News & Nuisance – The Full Half Hour

His new video, News & Nuisance is a full 30-minute set which he shared with this tweet.

Sriraam Padmanabhan: Humour Sapiens




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