Shibani Bedi: Humour Sapiens

Shibani Bedi funny, witty, sassy content creator 

Most of us know her from her famed character – Prabha didi, Shibani Bedi is a Delhi-based theatre and web/TV/film actor. She has acted in several viral videos, ad films, and short films. Bedi is also a voice over artist, and an ex-journalist.

Shibani has done a bunch of stage plays, and short cameos in movies like Rang De Basanti and No One Killed Jessica. She also starred in a Balaji Telefilms TV soap called Kuch Iss Tara in 2008, appeared in the movies Matra in March 2017 and Why Cheat India in 2019. She has even done a Gujjar film ‘Tau Jhagdu’. 😎

Content Creator and Curator

This powerhouse of the online world, in her journalistic stint, has worked as a copy and content curator 🖌 with the names like NDTV, The Asian Age, India Today, Hindustan Times. Her latest two stints have been with Vegabomb – a Scoopwhoop media venture as writer and editor, and at Times Internet as Video Content and Actor Consultant. She is the brain and face of the video content on iDiva, MensXp, and Indiatimes.

Lockdown Video Love

Since the lockdown began, she is on fire and creating hilarious content pieces and posting on her Instagram page. We have always been in love with Prabha didi – the hoity-toity house help, but her Punjabi mom videos have us bursting with laughter. What’s more? Of late, she has been bringing the food to life and sharing lots and lots of couple-react videos, both young and old.

In August, Shibani and Ankush Bahuguna, her partner in crime in all couple videos, shot a 6-minute debut drama film ‘Almost’ – an emotional yet beautiful chronicle of a breakup.

Watch the video ‘Almost’ here:

Now let’s get back to the Humour Sapien that Shibani is!

  1. Prabha Didi: ‘Haaye Raaam’! Prabha didi has issues with the most normal things in the world and her take on those is hilarious. And unmissable.


  1. Punjabi Mom: This character is an absolute favourite and totally relatable. Anyone who has lived in a Punjabi household or observed one from a distance, knows how aptly she depicts it. The dramatic Punjabi mom sounds she makes perfectly complements her hilarious act.



  1. Bringing foods to life: Maggi or gol gappa, Shibani proves to be a total snacc! The humanised roti, maggi and golgappa hold very strong opinions and high self-esteem. Who doesn’t love an independent, opinionated, funny snack?


  1. Couple tales: Her couple videos with Ankush always leave us cracking with laughter. Their metro rides are indeed a joy ride for us and their mushy videos are a treat. Lately, she has been throwing at us a lot more quarantine couple videos 😍. The young couple videos are as rib-tickling as the old married couple videos. While the young couple romances, the older couple hurl brickbats at one another.




  1. Everyday relatable: Entertaining, relatable and super-slick, that’s what Shibani’s interpretation of day to day things is. It feels so real, and her natural delivery style makes it all the more fun. It’s something we all can instantly connect to.



  1. Bublee Chaiji Vlogs: Though Bublee Chaiji left blogging sooner than she began, but we loved her short exploration of the vlogging world.

There’s a lot more happening on her Instagram, that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Check out here!

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