Shankar Chugani: Humour Sapiens

Shankar Chugani’s Cricket, Football & Bollywood Lines

Shankar Chugani is a stand-up comic based in Bangalore. He has been performing across the country for over 5 years now. He is quite active in Bangalore’s live comedy scene, and was featured in Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan. Chugani’s style of comedy is observational. He weaves stories and keeps the audience engaged by infusing energy into the group. His high energy performances have entertained people across the country, be it in open mics or massive audiences in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. Shankar Chugani’s Cricket, Football & Bollywood Lines is his latest stand-up video that has gotten over 80K views.

Cricket, Football & Bollywood Lines

He talks about how he likes some sports more than others and how he likes football more than other sports, because it’s interesting. So much that commentators need not say anything except players’ names. He also mentions why he doesn’t like cricket. Shankar adds, how fielders in the game of cricket are lonely even though they are a part of the team, especially the guy standing at the boundary. He reminds us of those Rs. 15 crazy balls that made us crazy in our childhood. You blink, you miss – that was how cool that ball was.

Shankar Chugani: Humour Sapiens

Shankar Chugani in this video also talks about his career as a copywriter, wherein he wrote for a restaurant that uses cheesy Bollywood lines. And trust us, we are floored by his copywriting skills

Shankar Chugani: Humour Sapiens

Check out his complete video:

Engineering, Big Brother & Chocolates

In this video, Shankar talks about his family, his friends and how he stopped eating chocolates.

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