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September Stand-up Comedy Round-up

September has been a good month. Lots of comedy videos floated the web and we had a fun time watching those. In case you missed the videos, here we share the September stand-up comedy round-up for you. Check out!

Appurv Gupta: Hotel Wala Experience

Here’s Hotel Ki Kahaani, Appurv Gupta aka GuptaJi ki Zubaani. He talks about that straight-forward girl at the reception of a 5-star hotel, the crazy thoughts we get while bathing in a tub, the bathrobes and the towels people slip into their bags during their stay.

Anshu Mor: Alle Baby Shona

This video is all about Anshu’s 17 year old son and Anshu surely wasn’t very kind to him. He talks about everything from his locked room, to girlfriend and everything else that his son thinks that his father is unaware of.

Inder Sahani: Delhi Metro, Girlfriend & MMS

This video is all about making you ponder over things, like why does Kalkaji metro station seems closer to Sri Lanka, Girlfriend and MMS. Anyone who’s been to Delhi can relate to Inder Sahani’s new video!

Prasad Bhat: Indian Nightie AKA Maxi

Trust us, Prasad unveils the mysteries, you never knew existed, such as, the purpose of a zipper in a Maxi. This video is all about fun tales about Prasad’s married life and wife.

Parvez Hassan: Delhi Metro & Love Jihaad

Parvez Hassan’s new video is all about taking a dig at the societal norms, and he does it in the most epic and humourous way. You have to see him to believe it.

Navin Kumar: South Indian vs Hindi

In his South Indian accent, Navin displays his Hindi speaking skills, and the language disconnect between a South & a North Indian. But it isn’t just that, there is more to it.

Urooj Ashfaq: Uber Driver & Grandmother

We all have faced inconvenience while booking our cabs, Urooj shares those just aptly. She even talks of the highs and lows of having a Grandmother, how Hindus and Muslims perceive each other in India.

Rahul Dua: Beans

Beans, could you ever think of this lord of the toppings for your favourite pizza? Never, right! Here, Rahul Dua shares his plight.




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