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Review: Anubhav Singh Bassi’s Cheating

A storyteller and a comedian, Anubhav Singh Bassi’s observational style will not only captivate you but will also leave you in splits. He has a bag full of stories about education, friends, struggles, choices and carefully spins the yarn of tales which triggers laughter. He mostly takes his audience through the journey of his life choices and these are definitely worth an ear. Why? Because to us, nothing seems like a struggle but a joy ride. Anubhav Singh Bassi’s ‘Cheating’ is one such act.


In this first-ever stand-up comedy video of Anubhav Singh Bassi, he gives the most hilarious description of his student life, and well, ahmm… most of it is pretty relatable.

He mentions that he belongs to a civilized city!

Bassi 1: Humour Sapiens

He talks about how he did his LLB from National Law University, after getting admission from quota.

Bassi 2: Humour Sapiens

He mentions how he got weed in the initial few days of his college, and had a gala time after smoking for 6 months.

Bassi 3: Humour Sapiens

His punny narration keeps one hooked all through the video. The way he describes ‘cheating’ during the exam, it is as if it is a grand event.

It is extremely relatable when he mentions ‘saamoohik cheating’. Wondering what is it?

Bassi 4: Humour Sapiens

There are more hacks that he shared in this laughter roller-coaster of a video. Smart of him to bring this video out after the exam time is over. Otherwise, it would have been a little dangerous for students, given the quality of hacks he has shared.

And now, no more spoilers. Over to Anubhav, where he shares a few incidents inspired by his real life.

Watch, laugh and say out loud – Bas Kar Bassi!

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