Raunaq Rajani: Humour Sapiens

Raunaq Rajani talks about Indian superstitions

India is a land of fables that have led to superstitions and the fact that we Indians are wary about random things is no secret. A perfectly normal day can turn into a complete bummer if a cat crosses the path. But the moment one lands in trouble, a quick fix remedy to sail through it comes to the mind instantly.

Apart from the cat-crossing-the-path, we Indians have an array of superstitions – from not cutting nails at night to not washing hair on a Thursday, or upturned slippers invite evil to hanging nimbu-mirchi at any possible place to ward of evil. We have been following these practices because our grandparents told us to, never sought any logical reasoning for doing so. Because, who would want the bad luck anyway?

On this very superstitious nature of Indians, stand-up comedian Raunaq Rajani takes a dig in his video Indian superstitions and shares what all he has faced on growing up in a conservative family.

Exam hack, worth a try in case you too don’t study enough:

Raunaq Rajani: Humour Sapiens

Use this idea if you find a hair in your soup:

Raunaq Rajani: Humour Sapiens


Might as well work. Get your name changed, right now:

Raunaq Rajani: Humour Sapiens


Here’s Raunak Rajani’s hilarious video on Indian superstitions:

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