Rahul Dua: Humour Sapiens

Rahul Dua: This Stand-up Comic is Relatable AF

Our everyday lives make for fun telltales, and comedian Rahul Dua is someone who is capable of turning these funny situations into hilarious acts. He was a participant on Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan and his acts are relatable AF.

He believes that stand-up comedy is a lot like entrepreneurship as it requires creating new material for a show which is pretty much similar to starting a new venture and caters to a particular type of audience.

We bet you didn’t know that Dua is an electronic and communication engineer from Thapar University and went on to pursue an MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi.

Fancy, isn’t it?

However, this school and college topper wasn’t always into comedy. Being a humour sapien is what just happened to him.

His inclination towards comedy began by making fun of his job during the break time. We have no doubts that Rahul Dua would leave everyone cracking with laughter. This was the trigger and Rahul started unwinding at open mics during his weekends, and fortunately for us, he eventually decided to try it out for himself.

Here we share two of his videos:

Rahul talks about little little happiness he relishes, and him being pseudo-rich.

Want to know how Trump is an expert in building walls around the world.

From the Comicstaan, his bit with Prashasti Singh is over favourite. Check out Episode 6 of Season 1.

Rahul Dua: Comicstaan: Humour Sapiens Rahul Dua: Comicstaan: Humour Sapiens

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