Punya Arora: Humour Sapiens

Know Your Comic Punya Arora: Comedian & a Spreader of Happiness

Punjabi by nature, South Indian at heart, Punya Arora is a professional photographer and an intrinsic comedian. What’s more? She is a Biryani enthusiast.

Punya – The Comic

She does observational comedy and talks about everyday events, and shares her day to day dotes & anecdotes, in a way that’s hilarious. Her account of funny moments and situations is quite relatable. What acts as a cherry on the cake is Punya’s ability to narrate her light-hearted stories in different accents. She has been featured on almost all major stand-up stages in Bangalore.

Punya – The Photographer

She is a lover of underwater shoots, travelling and life! Her style of photography comprises capturing people on land and underwater, portraits, fashion. Not just this, Punya Arora also photographs spaces and food.

Punya – The Coach

She is a visiting faculty at Light and Life Academy, Ooty.

Punya Arora wears many hats and does a solo stand-up special ‘Meri Maa Ki’. This show is all about the special relationship that mothers and daughters share. And if you are like Punya, you will find it relatable and funny.

Here we share the laughter dose from the versatile comedienne.

Purush Ka Spaarm

It is all about the usefulness of male sperm you have been missing out on. She talks about the efficacy of makeup videos, and the ways to pharmacy that men carry within themselves.

Break up & Valentine’s Day

Punya talks about the silly things that people do after a break-up, drunk dialing and sober texting; and how there’s one break-up buddy who helps you sail through it.

Break up & Valentine's | Punya Arora |

HI!Have you ever been through a break up and done something silly after??Watch to see how my silly tops yours! *facepalm* 😀😊🤦🏻‍♀️#notmyfinestmoment #breakupdonts#HappyValentinesDay 🙂Shout out to anyone that's ever had to be a break up buddy towards the end of the clip 🙂…Venue courtesy: That Comedy Club <thank you so much Sumendra Singh:) >Special thanks: Abhishek Upmanyu, Karunesh C TalwarShoot: The Flying Chappal Productions (Bangalore)Edit: Nanak Bhatia ( Talking Futures, Mumbai ) Sound mixing: Sreejith Menon (Mumbai)Constant support I could never do without: Jeeveshu Ahluwalia so much love!For actually telling me to do this and making it happen, thanks every step of the way: J Set Hi, Addy Mitzy, Balraj Singh Ghai <3#ValentinesDay #feels #breakup hahah randomly in keeping with #pyaarekdhokahai it would appear 😀

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