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Punchliners: The name says it all

Making people laugh is an extremely difficult task. It’s an art that is loved by most, but practiced by few. One comedy venture that aims to revolutionise stand-up comedy is ‘Punchliners’. It’s a promising start-up comedy platform in India that offers people what they crave and lack the most – laughter. punchliners

Punchliners are doing the noble cause of raising awareness and creating demand for comedy in India!

It was founded in 2016 by Mr. A Anand with an intent to spread awareness on the need for more humour in life. Moreover, they carefully administer this dose of humour one audience at a time.

It was started with the aim to build upon the opportunity in the stand-up comedy field that has grabbed the interest of the young and the old in the nation of late. Especially in metro cities, for the audience in these cities have already wet their toes in the comedy scene.

A team of seven creative minds in Delhi and two in each operational city that hosts their shows, Punchliners are living by their name. They have been in Delhi for over two years now, and hosting 70 comedy events in 30 days on an average. This production house had acquired around 20,000 artists in just 12 months of their establishment. Not just that, they organised 1500 private and public shows.

‘Punchliners’ wants to be become a name that resonates with the audience of 18-40 year olds and thus, offers them a unique proposal. Now, they plan to tickle their way from major metro cities to tier 2 cities.

Unique Proceedings

It involves hiring an artist, making him travel across the country hosting a large number of shows. Punchliners don’t just have established stand-up comedians in its array, but also offers a stage for open mics, the events that are hosted for the upcoming talent.

Shows from the house of Punchliners

Their shows are customised on the basis of who the artist is and where is he performing. In addition to that, artist’s popularity and target audience is also taken into account. This ensures that delivered sets have desired entertainment effect and shows are filled with laughter. A few famous artists who have performed under the Punchliners banner are Amit Tandon, Jeeveshu, Niti Palta, Rajneesh Kapoor and Sorabh Pant.

Check them out!

When Rajneesh Kapoor decided to do a Delhi vs Mumbai, and came out safe by calling Delhi a Jungle and Mumbai a zoo. Because saying, “Daddy ki kamai, Sunny ne udayi” is too mainstream. Bravo!

When Amit Tandon shares his views on the much talked about demonetisation, and left everyone’s funny bone tickled.

The venture plans to open up comedy clubs very soon, so as to ascertain the art of stand-up comedy gets the respect and recognition that’s due.



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