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Public transport experiences of Indian stand-up comics

Travelling in Public Transport can be hassling, with people intimidating you and leaving you with what can be summed up as ‘public-transport scars’. You get to deal with the annoying bunch of people, and to some you are the one who’s annoying. Here are some public transport experiences of Indian stand-up comics. From metro to mono rail, from shared auto to sleeper bus, let’s hear it all from the horse’s mouth.

Check out these videos of our favourite comics who have had a classic ride in public transport.

Karthik Kumar tells us what Chennai has that any other city doesn’t. Share the ride with him to know

Praveen Kumar talks about how sleeping alone is not fun in the sleeper buses

Our all time favourite! Take a ride in the Delhi metro with Aakash Gupta

And a monorail ride with Rahul Suramanian

Abish Mathew doesn’t miss the most important part of travelling in the public transport


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