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Pronoy Chowdury’s CAA, NRC and Assam

The Desi Tyrion Lannister aka Stand-up comic Pronoy Chowdury is a big name in the making. He hails from Assam and has made Bangalore his new home. A medical writer by the day, he is a comedian at all times. Pronoy is short but not short of humour. Apart from being a performer, he as well likes to writer humorous stuff to keep himself satiated. He has been doing comedy for a while now and performed with Jaspreet Singh, Nishant Tanwar, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Harsh Gujaral and the likes. You can catch him live on most of the open mics in Bangalore.

Pronoy is amongst the few comics from the Northeast and was recently reminded of his origin by the CAA/NRC fiasco. And that’s precisely what triggered him to out his new video – CAA, NRC and Assam.

Highlights of the video:

  • Talks about how the northeast never gets covered in the news and when this CAA/NRC fiasco gave them some limelight, the attention seekers of Delhi couldn’t bear it and took it all away with their protests.
  • Jokes about how he would be tagged as an illegal immigrant if his family got to know about him taking a dig on this serious issue
  • Adds that he’s pretty happy with the way govt is working for them and making new homes – called Detention Centres
  • Nevertheless, there’s someone he can completely rely on – who won’t ever abandon him. Want to know who? Watch his video!

Packed with dotes and anecdotes, and funny self-induced slurs, Pronoy has done a great job.

Pronoy Chowdury’s CAA, NRC and Assam for you:

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