Kabir Kandwal

Pre-Monday blues shunned at the open mic evening

Standing on stage isn’t easy. Especially when it’s an open mic, the audience may not be the sweetest you’d experience. You get to see a mixed crowd and mix of reactions – some audience members maybe welcoming, others might give you looks as if you have trespassed on their property. It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of such an audience.

The Humour Sapiens for the Evening

On Sunday, the 14th of October, Cuckoo Hostel, Bangalore saw such fantastic bunch of stand-up comics, the show curated by ArtKhoj and Hippo Laugh Club. Joteen, Ketan, Shamik, Anand, Kjeld, Kartikeya, Kabir, Shankar, Abhishek, Himanshu & Yash set the mood as a ton of goodwill surround the evening.

cuckoo hostel

The audience consisted of the young and the old, appreciative of the art, heartily encouraging the comics. More so because, the comics were enjoying themselves while delivering their acts.

Fusion of Fun & Pun

Joteen Patro, the host for the night, kept everyone engaged and steered the evening in the right direction with his funny insights on following the passion & being so empty-pocketed that he gets to maintain zero balance accounts, quite literally.

Joteen Patro

First to enter the scene was Ketan Giri, who allegedly had hearing disability in one ear, that has apparently made life easy for him. It allows him to deal with way less BS than the rest of us. Though he has one regret of not being able to utilize the handicap quota. You have to hear him out to know why.

Ketan Giri

Shamik Chakrabarti came next and narrated his tale of accidentally taking a wrong number that ended up opening doors to a whole new business opportunity as a morphine dealer, and an alternate career as a cancer doctor.

Shamik Chakrabarti

He was followed by Anand Rathnam who talked about his really bad luck. He regrets killing a rat on Ganesh Chaturthi day. His mother feels that because he murdered the vehicle of Lord Ganesha, he is trapped inside his house now.

Anand Rathnam

Kjeld Shreshth is waiting in anticipation for the day when the women will use his body for their benefit. His mother assured him, it will happen, one day when he grows up. But the wait doesn’t seem to end.

Kjeld Shreshth

Next came Kartikeya Fatwani, he innocently told how he got thrashed by his parents all his childhood. It was as if his parents made a living by beating him dedicatedly. Moreover, his parents had quite a few unreasonable demands, such as making the next Stephen Hawking out of him, which left him wonder if they are really that ignorant.

Kartikeya Fatwani

Kabir Kandwal gave us the legit reason for why God doesn’t stay on Earth. Maybe humans are just too creepy for God’s liking. He also twisted the statement, ‘if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone’ and stated that, if you have an iPhone and it falls, you don’t have an iPhone as well as the reason to stay alive.

Kabir Kandwal

Then was the turn of Shankar Chugani who compared the commentaries of football and cricket, pointing out how weird it would be if cricket commentaries happened like those in football. Not just that, Shankar also made a valid laugh-worthy argument when he said that crickets towards the boundaries have all the time in the world to indulge in fan-entertaining activities.

Shankar Chugani

Abhishek Aggarwal came next, he educated us on the difference between Bangkok and India, and why Bangkok happens to be a better place. Well, obvious!

Abhishek Aggarwal

It was Himanshu Gayatri Parikh’s turn to take the stage. He became a voice of all the sufferers of family whatsapp groups and how he used to get the maximum chocolates when he was a kid. Want to know why? You have to hear from the horse’s mouth.

Himanshu Gayatri Parikh

Yash Gayatri Parikh aka Chunnu followed his brother to the spotlight, and shared how his face drags him into unexpected problems. We think he has gotten used to being eve-teased on the streets of Bengaluru. Tsk Tsk.

Yash Gayatri Parikh

Want to Check them out?

Don’t you worry, if you missed this one. ArtKhoj & Hippo Laugh Club are coming up with many more open mic events.

Next one is at Gold Bean Café, HSR, Bengaluru on Oct 17, 2018.
Grab the tickets here: https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/a-sip-of-comedy/ET00086145.

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